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Identify yourself as a leader in your medical coding or clinical profession by becoming certified by the Board of Medical Specialty Coding & Compliance. Get the recognition you deserve for your expertise. Many of the coding and clinical specialists certified by the Board of Medical Specialty Coding & Compliance (BMSC) report increased respect from supervisors and colleagues. Evidence has shown that advanced certification produces higher salaries for medical coders.

Certification will help you work more effectively with clinicians and payers. Moreover, certified credential holders are generally:

  • More highly compensated;
  • Receive greater advancement opportunities; and
  • Have a competitive advantage over their competition when job seeking. Health care providers are increasingly requiring coding certification as a condition of employment!

Here's what BMSC certified coders have to say about the benefits
of becoming certified...

"Adding these BMSC credentials increased my self-confidence when speaking to physicians. I passed a test, I know what I'm doing."

Michelle Fecho, ACS-EM
Medical Audit Manager at Reading (PA) Hospital

"The BMSC certification further validates my level of expertise."

John Hailes, ACS-EM
Sutter Medical Foundation

"The BMSC certification gives me a sense of pride that I know my materials. I have a better understanding of how to explain coding material to physicians."

Phyliss Burcham, ACS-CA
Business Office Manager at Greensboro Cardiology, North Carolina

"The BMSC certification gives you more weight with employers and your medical peers. The certification has value because in this profession I coordinate with a lot of different people."

Charlotte Seedenburg, ACS-OR
Ogden Orthopedic Specialists, Oregon