Fees & Registration

Certification Fees

Specialty Coding Professional exam (SCP) — $259.00

Advanced Coding Specialist exam (ACS) — $325.00

Certified Compliance Professional - Physician exam (CCP-P) — $259.00

Re-take Exam — $99.00

If you are interested in taking any of the Home Care credentialing exams, please visit AHCC Certifications.

Registration fee covers the examination and credentialing by the Board of Medical Specialty Coding and Compliance.

Recertification Fees

Biennial Recertification Fee:

SCP and CCP-P credential holders — $149.00

ACS credential holders — $229.00


BMSC exams can be taken in many ways, you can choose whichever is convenient for you. We offer exams at selected in-person conferences and at computer-based testing centers operated by PSI Systems.

Taking the Test In-Person

Many candidates like to attend in-person conferences or educational events to ensure that they have the knowledge needed to take a BMSC certification exam. Find an upcoming live conference.

Taking the Test at a Testing Center — For ACS, SCP and CCP candidates only

Candidates who prefer to take the exam online must go to a computer-based testing center. You no longer can take exams in your office with a self-selected proctor. BMSC's CBT partner is PSI systems. There are more than 600 locations around the country.

To register to take your exam, you can register online or download the registration form and fax it to BMSC at 301-287-2535.